PCT Chemie. Corporation for the best screed.

PCT has rendered the trade screed ready for covering on a set day and what's more also cost neutral. PCT is technology and market leader in the field of cementitious special screed and rapid screed systems.
We guarantee what we can and assume full assumption of liability for up to EUR 5 million for each construction site.

Development, production and distribution of high-performance building chemistry products for the improvement of the properties of cement screed are core competencies of PCT. The entire range of products is developed and produced in Germany. All RETANOL® screeds have been tested and certified by TÜV Rheinland.

The primary product line is the trademark Retanol® screed. The distribution of RETANOL® screed is carried out directly and exclusively by the 629 certified specialist screed companies which are associated with PCT in partnership. These companies have assimilated the quality concept behind RETANOL® screed and stand out as premium companies.

In addition to that PCT is constantly setting new standards with individualised services and thereby causing first-class results on construction sites.


Besides our Headquarters in Magstadt, near Stuttgart, PCT is also located in many other cities.

Beyond that PCT has a comprehensive presence in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy with their specialist companies and will accompany you through local projects. PCT currently has over 100 employees in the technical support.


Unternehmen, Retanol, Mitarbeiter hebt den Daumen

Quality, commitment and reliability – these are the fundamental values of the corporate PCT philosophy.

Our common goal is to raise the awareness of constructors, architects, planners and floor layers of the enormous technical and economic importance of the screed trade and of the trendsetting possibilities of RETANOL® Screed. Because with the use of RETANOL® up to eight weeks' construction time and construction costs can be saved equally.

In addition to that the high early strengths allow the screed to be exposed to site traffic only a day after the installation. Building without suspending work becomes real with PCT.


Theater Gütersloh, innen, Architektur, modern, weiß, RETANOL XTREME

The PCT business portfolio includes solutions for optimising the screed properties and for the production of special cements as well as chemical additives for fillers, tile adhesives and lime cement plasters.


RETANOL® screed makes it possible to reach a predictable readiness for floor covering and stipulated quality class exactly to the day. It also improves compressive strength, flexural strength and surface strength.

Dry mortar

PCT supplies additives for fillers, tile adhesives and lime cement plasters to famous dry mortar producers.

Introduction of the brand RETANOL® with the product RETANOL® Rapid 511.
Workability within three days.

Market launch: Plasticisers PLAFIZ 211 and RISOL 111.

RETANOL® EKA: specially designed for the so-called "medium-wet screed laying".
RETANOL® VIWA: extra high water absorption factor for "wet laying".
Commissioning of the confectioning plant.

RETANOL® XTREME: Industrial screed, guaranteed workability after 48 hours, for thin-layer systems due to extreme strength
Expansion of the conversion plant to an annual output of 1.7 million litres.
Foundation of the PCT Academy (PAKAD) for training/further education.

First object-related releases with guarantee and release from liability.
Market launch: RETANOL® VIWA Gelb.

RETANOL® Xthinn: heated screed, for thin-layer pipe coverings from 20 mm.
Market launch: RETANOL® types 611 / 711.
Market launch: Risol Plus and Plafiz 2000.

RETANOL® Xtreme SE for exposed screeds.
Introduction of floor passport and quality control.

Market launch: RETANOL® EKA Grün / Portoxit.

Market launch: RETANOL® EKA BW / RETANOL® EKA Blau

100 million square meters of RETANOL® screed!

Cooperation with TÜV Rheinland LGA Products GmbH.
First TÜV certified RETANOL® laying specialist.

TÜV certified RETANOL® consultant and TÜV certified RETANOL® site manager.

Introduction of the construction site proportioning analysis

Market launch: Lambda® Plus FBH λ


At PCT a team of highly qualified specialists permanently develop new, pioneering products.

Partnerships are maintained with universities, testing institutes and consultants.
The result has been impressive: high performance products in large scale production at marketable prices, millions of satisfied customers and no claims.


weißer Raum, Unternehmen, lichtdurchflutet, RETANOL Estrich

Others talk about quality. PCT guarantees that RETANOL® screed works reliably, properly and accurately in all individual applications.

This guarantee is confirmed by services, such as the legally binding approval declaration, the exemption from liability, 10 years guarantee and the insurance of every building project monitored and approved by PCT with the Württembergische Versicherung with up to EUR 5 million.

Only PCT offers such a package of guarantees


RETANOL® screed as well as all PCT products are harmless both to the environment and to health.

The TÜV Rheinland LGA Products GmbH pollutant tests are proof of this.

Furthermore, PCT ensures that all products are produced as environmentally friendly and resource-preserving as possible. It starts with the extraction of raw materials and continues right on through to recyclable product packaging.

PCT for example places print jobs exclusively with FCS certified print shops.

PCT cooperates with TÜV certified Retanol® laying specialists and TÜV certified Retanol® project managers.

TÜV Zertifikate, Garantie, ökologisch undebedenklich, nachhaltig
TÜV Zertifikate, Garantie, ökologisch undebedenklich, nachhaltig


Logo Unternehmen Patenschaft, Spende PCT, Kinderschutz und Förderung
Patenschaft und Spende für UNTERNEHMEN PATENSCHAFT, Kinderschutz und Förderung

For many years we have worked together with "Plan International", a religiously and ideologically independent aid organisation, which stands up for more opportunities and rights for children worldwide.

Spread all over the world PCT Chemie has taken on the sponsorship for 10 boys and 10 girls. The children come from different countries, such as Tanzania, India, Vietnam, Peru, Haiti, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Bangladesh or Guatemala. Since 2011 we have invested more than 100,000 EUR into the future of these children. Moreover, PCT supports SOS Children's Villages.

Children are the future of the world!


Energy efficiency

RETANOL® heated screed conducts heat up to 50 % better. The bottom line is that this reduces energy costs at home or at work. You will get a 10-year warranty on this. Any questions?



RETANOL® screeds are regularly tested by TÜV Rheinland. Always with the same result: no risk to health or the environment.

33 good reasons

Free of residues

RETANOL® screed is not produced from residues of flue gas desulphurization or hydrofluoric acid production. That is why RETANOL® screeds do not contain any residues.



With RETANOL® screed, many architects consciously set an example for the sustainability of their projects. The Bosco Verticale in Milan and the Marco Polo Tower in Hamburg are two of them.

Bosco Verticale, Mailand