Maximum load bearing and fundamentally hard.


The primer Grundfix increases the load-bearing capacity and the strength of the floor and also improves the adhesive properties for subsequent covering materials such as tile adhesives, fillers and levelling compounds.

Outstanding properties

  • Improves the adhesion of plasters, tile adhesives and wallpaper
  • Optimises the screed surface and increases the adhesion
  • Improves the load-bearing capacity and strength

Areas of application

  • Stabilisation of screed surfaces
  • Employed when laying tile floors according to DIN 181571





Density (at +20°C)


Temperature of material relative air humidity

Processing temperature above +5 (for floor work ≤ +18 °C room temperature)

Storage stability

Approx. 12 months – store protected from sunlight and above freezing point

Delivery form

Disposable packaging PVC canister: 20 kg net

Processing information for screed experts

Special dispersion with particularly high penetration for priming chafed or crumbling screeds. Grundfix is also characterised by its very good adhesive properties for subsequent covering materials such as tile adhesives, filling compounds and levelling compounds.

Stabilisation of screed surfaces. Use when laying tile floors in accordance with DIN 181571.

Grundfix is compatible with CEM I and CEM II cements in accordance with DIN EN 197. Modified dispersion.

Important note prior to use. Workability of the screed to be treated must be obtained before applying Grundfix. If this is not the case the further drying process will be much longer, which may result in very long waiting times until for example the floor covering can be laid.

The substrate to be treated must above all be clean, crack-free, firm, dry and free of release agents.

Substrate preparation:

  • Sand the surfaces.
  • All chafed patches must be sanded down to the solid grain.
  • Then clean the prepared surfaces with a high-performance industrial vacuum cleaner.
  • Shake the container well before use.
  • Apply the product to the whole of the screed surface with a lamb‘s wool roller (medium pile length). Immediately prime highly absorptive areas, recognisable by too rapid brightening after application, again before the primer has dried. Avoid puddle formation. Use when laying tile floors in accordance with DIN 181571. Design and site preparation in accordance with DIN 18560.
  • It is recommended to apply Grundfix using cross-coat technique; this ensures that enough material is applied and prevents bare patches.
  • Seal open containers airtight immediately after use and use the contents quickly.
  • Do not transfer residues back to the product container, as all soiling affects the quality of the unused material.
  • Used utensils can be cleaned with water.
  • Remove Grundfix stains from structural components (e.g. door frames) immediately with a damp, clean cloth.
  • Thoroughly dampen dried material stains on objects and absorb with a clean cloth using a neutral household detergent if required.

As the product is solvent-free within the meaning of the TRGS (Technical Rules for Hazardous Substances) 610, no particular safety precautions are required for the protection of buildings or for personal protection.

80 – 120 ml per m2 depending on the surface quality/roughness of the substrate.

GRUNDFIX is very well suited as a primer for absorptive substrates and slightly absorptive mineral substrates. It increases the surface strength of the substrate. Grundfix is also suitable as a bonding course for plastering and wallpapering work. When using Grundfix for laying floor coverings on various substrates the following technical information must also be observed:

  • "Preparing screeds for laying floor coverings" by the Bundesverband der Deutschen Mörtelindustrie e. V. (Federal Association of the German Mortar Industry), Duisburg.
  • "Assessment and Preparation of Substrates", Information Sheet TKB 8, June 2004, Industrieverband Klebstoffe (German Industrial Adhesives Association), Düsseldorf.

Do not allow grundfix to enter the aquatic environment, sewage system or soil. Recycle completely empty containers (non-drip and open).

All the information on this product given above is based on extensive practical experience and tests carried out by PCT Performance Chemicals GmbH. However, it is not possible to take all construction site conditions into account and to give suitable instructions for use in each case. It is therefore recommended to verify the applicability, appropriateness and practicability of this information and the intended measures by means of individual tests. PCT assumes warranty for the correctness of this product information and the described properties as well as for the effect of the product. PCT reserves the right to change the product specifications. If the site is or has been supervised by PCT the user is under no obligation to check applicability and appropriateness.