Fast and reliable levelling.


NIPPON SZ is extremely well-suited for making cement-bonded styrofoam levelling fillers and offers very good application properties and high coverage.

Outstanding properties

  • Highly improved bonding between cement and styrofoam
  • Stable, loadable surface
  • Ready for further application after 48 hours with a layer thicknesses of 200 mm
  • Suitable for pumping

Areas of application

  • Suitable for all areas



Delivery form

Packaging: 20 litres

Processing information for screed experts

50 kg cement*, 250 ml Nippon SZ, max. 20 litres water, 200 litres styrofoam filler. Mixing time: at least 90 sec.
CAUTION: 350 ml standard screed mixture must under no circumstances be exceeded!

After delivery to the site the levelling filler must be distributed and levelled evenly.
The filler must be compacted with a hand rammer.
At layer thicknesses over 10 cm, application and compaction must be performed layer by layer.
All relevant standards, especially DIN 18 353, DIN EN 13813 and DIN 18 560, customary industry practices and standards and the technical instructions of the manufacturer of the filler materials must be observed. Seal open containers airtight immediately after use and use the contents as quickly as possible.

Not suitable for levelling fillers with mineral, absorbent aggregates (levelling fillers with granulated pumice stone, perlite, expanded clay) as well as grit fillers. Levelling fillers modified by the manufacturer are not suitable either.
Layer thicknesses over 200 mm considerably prolong the stated drying times. It is difficult to specify the exact drying times. Practical experience has shown that the drying time is about 2 days longer per five cm additional layer thickness of the levelling filler. This information is not binding. Please see the information on moisture measurement in section 6.

For application, the same conditions largely apply as for screed application.
It is possible to use condensation dryers to accelerate the filler drying process, especially at layer thicknesses over 200 mm.

The moisture can be measured with a CM measuring device. To do so, the weight of 20 g sample material (taken over the total cross-section of the levelling filler) is sufficient. Workability for laying the insulation is obtained if the CM value is ≤ 9 %.

In case of uneven application thicknesses and thicknesses above 200 mm it is recommended to select a representative surface area and to cover about 2 x 2 m of the area with a thick transparent PE foil fixed airtight with masking tape. The foil should be left in place for at least 2 days. The degree of dryness is sufficient if no condensation has formed beneath the foil.

Do not allow RETANOLS® to enter the aquatic environment, sewage system or soil. Recycle completely empty containers (non-drip and open).
All the information on this product given above is based on extensive practical experience and tests carried out by PCT Performance Chemicals GmbH. However, it is not possible to take all construction site conditions into account and to give suitable instructions for use in each case. It is therefore recommended to verify the applicability, appropriateness and practicability of this information and the intended measures by means of individual tests. PCT assumes warranty for the correctness of this product information and the described properties as well as for the effect of the product. PCT reserves the right to change the product specifications. If the site is or has been supervised by PCT the user is under no obligation to check applicability and appropriateness.

*Only use types of cement approved by PCT.