Extremely classy look.


With RETANOL® XTREME SE coatings your floor will always cut a fine figure. Decorative screed has long since been the order of the day. No matter if it is grounded with terrazzo optics or power troweled. You decide on the perfect optics of your XTREME SE coatings. No matter where it is, in the reception area of an administration building or in your production facility. With RETANOL® XTREME SE coatings many representative and premium solutions are at your disposal.

Outstanding properties

  • Representative, classy look and elegant effect
  • Extremely high strengths and early strengths
  • Extreme durability and sustainability
  • Hardly any air inclusion

Areas of application

  • Usage without top surface
  • For particular high strengths in the industrial area
  • For accelerated hardening bonded screeds
  • As screed on separation or insulation layer
  • As energy-saving heating screed
  • For permanently wet areas



Temperature of material relative air humidity

+5 °C up to max. +28 °C

Delivery form

Packaging: 20 litres

Processing information for screed experts

  • At least 62.5 kg cement
  • Dosage: 400 ml Retanol® Xtreme SE per mixture in standard screed pump (mixing vessel with 250 l gross capacity) = 2,000 ml/m³

Important note:
Cement quantities below 62.5 kg = 312.5 kg/m³ and/or dosages below 400 ml = 2,000 ml/m³ do not bring about a greater increase in strength than with screeds without RETANOL® XTREME SE.

  • Fill the floor screed conveyor to about one-half with sand and the entire amount of cement as usual
  • Add Retanol® Xtreme SE to the first mixing water (usually 5 – 10 litres) and then fill the conveyor completely.
  • In so doing, gradually add the required amount of residual water until a stiff to pliable consistency is obtained.
  • A mixing time of 2 minutes ensures proper blending of the ingredients and the effect of the added Retanol® Xtreme SE and must be observed at all times.
  • Retanol® Xtreme SE must never be mixed with other screed or mortar additives.

When preparing the screed formulation, ensure that you select the suitable types of cement, cement quantity and aggregates in accordance with DIN 1045-2, grading curve A/B, 0–8 mm, for making screed concrete.

The general guidelines, data sheets and normative specifications for cement screeds are applicable to the laying and making of Retanol® screeds. Because of the accelerated curing process of Retanol® Xtreme SE please note:

  • Application temperature: +5 °C to max. +28 °C (ambient and substrate temperature).
  • Apply Retanol® Xtreme SE within 45 minutes after mixing. Higher temperatures reduce, lower temperatures increase the processing time.
  • In general: Retanol® Xtreme SE screeds should have been levelled and smoothed/rubbed after max. 60 minutes.
  • Never reactivate screed mortar which is already setting with water – this also applies in particular to mechanical and manual smoothing – nor mix with fresh Retanol® Xtreme SE.
  • Always shake Retanol® Xtreme SE well before use.
  • Shake the product at regular intervals (about every 30 minutes) during application. Long "standstill periods" of the canister cause the ingredients to deposit at the bottom, with a negative effect on the function of the product.
  • Draught, direct sunlight and excessive heat (heating period in the cold season) must be avoided during the entire application.
  • It may be necessary to darken large window fronts and floor-level glass facade areas.

Cement quantities below 62.5 kg = 312.5 kg/m³ and/or dosages below 400 ml = 2,000 ml/m³ do not lead to any strength improvement compared to screeds without RETANOL® XTREME SE.

CEM I 32.5 R or 42.5 R. Alternatively CEM II 32.5 R A-LL, 42.5 R A-LL and 42.5 N A-L.