Wer den Kunden glücklich macht, hat Macht.

RETANOL® community

In the last 13 years we, the "retanolists", have created a unique system for the installation of RETANOL® screed and have established it firmly in the market. WE, that is a large, strong community with possibly the best specialist screed companies and screed layers in Germany, Italy, Austria and Switzerland consisting of technicians, service engineers, field staff and building consultants.

The supporting pillars of our system and as well as of our community are not only the deep respect for the abilities of our colleagues, but also an excellent and absolutely reliable product quality when screed is processed. The first-class expertise of all participants within the RETANOL® specialist companies characterise our work and our common pursuit for even more momentum on the market.

With the product RETANOL® and the entire range of products of RETANOLS WE have a screed which works reliably. Guaranteed. Because WE are absolute screed experts, we know how it works. Our collective claim is to be nothing less than the best and to provide the customer with the perfect RETANOL® screed.

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We are a committed community with one target: to make the client happy and contented.

WE represent an inter-professional community formed from the industrial sector, trade, planning and construction management. Therefore, we know first-hand that nowadays constructors have zero room for compromise. They expect first-class advice and especially a perfect implementation. No delay, no soaring costs. They want a maximum amount of predictability and commitment in the hitherto unpredictable craft screed. Therefore, it is essential for us as a community:
A client whose needs and wants have been fully satisfied by an specialist company in the RETANOL® community, will always recommend us and contact us gladly. Because he knows:

They make it work. The only ones who have what it takes! We in a team!

And we are the only ones who can utilise in full the invaluable added value in the form of safety, confidence and reliability. Because we are a community of certified RETANOL® specialist companies and keep the promises we give to our customers.

Incidentally: Only companies which comply with the strictest quality and processing standards can become a certified RETANOL® specialist company. The knowledge of the participants is checked and "refuelled" during the entrance examination for the community as well as at the regular auditing processes.

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For architects, planners and constructors the RETANOL® community offers successive training sessions within the context of the PCT Academy "PAKAD".

In these sessions planners are simply and strikingly taught the benefit of the "leading-edge knowledge". In short: What you should urgently know about the topic screed! In theory and in practical live applications. We create a transparent and ideal basis, peppered with "special expertise" for the day-to-day work of a planner, architect or constructor. For more reliability, more quality and greater efficiency.

    Specific examples: 

    • Planning guides, such as the preparation of general or object-related texts for the invitation of tender and written set-up recommendations
    • Focus of the technical consultancy and demonstration of possible applications with RETANOL® screeds & its correct use
    • Reference to standards, data contained therein and the resulting adherence to different rules and measures
    • Security proof, guarantee option


    The PCT Academy is an annual event and represents the community of the RETANOL® specialist companies.

    Under the PCT Academy apart from intensive seminars for our own community we also hold certified training courses for business owners and their employees in a range of highly relevant topics concerning screed and floor construction. Scheduled are not only exciting lectures, live documentations and a large party afterwards, but also tangible practical work which is enjoyable and more knowledge about quality assurance, customer loyalty and customer confidence as well as the drive to be better than others. Take us at our word. We make everybody better.


    Every three seconds a square metre of RETANOL® screed is installed – in statistical terms. That's more than 196 million square metres which have been installed since the market launch of RETANOL® in 2005.

    Simply put: RETANOL® took off like a bat out of hell! We, the retanolists, are an exclusive community pursuing a common goal: to deliver the perfect RETANOL® screed to make building contractors, architects, main contractors and property developers happy and contented. That's us. We are a community formed from the industry, trade, planning sectors and construction management. All those who have the ambition to give the final customer complete peace of mind that they have been handed over an object which is 100% suitable for the planned use. Nothing less.


    RETANOL® screed begins in the planning phase and ends with the handover to the client or employer – after the written screed approval for the floor layer.

    All persons involved in this process work hand in hand – interlinked, precise, error free and at their best. But the market calls for quality and continued improvement and further training. Therefore, we do not only meet the market requirements but we exceed them. Because we cultivate a constant exchange of expertise. Because we work intensively and closely. Because we recognise the market needs and also put them into practise. Because we do a lot for unity, to strengthen our community. Find out about our top reference customers in the overview and see for yourself.


    Besides our Headquarters in Magstadt, near Stuttgart, PCT is also located in many other cities.

    Beyond that PCT has a comprehensive presence in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy with their specialist companies and will accompany you through local projects.



    Every construction site monitored and accompanied by PCT Chemie is insured with EUR 5 million with the Württembergische Versicherung.

    3, 5, 7, 14, 21

    The readiness for floor covering of RETANOL® screed can be granted exactly to the day: 3, 5, 7, 14 or 21 days. As provided for in the construction time schedule.

    24, 72

    RETANOL® screed is already walkable after 24 h and fully loadable after 72 h. Thus, the construction site can be continued free of disruptions.


    RETANOL® screed actively contributes to an energy-efficient construction. Because it conducts the heat of an underfloor heating system better - by a total of up to 60%.