33 good reasons for RETANOL®

The main focus is on real added value. As a customer you get tangible and measurable added value, which, in a number of ways, can be advantageous to you, as well as being always target-oriented. We have summarised the 33 most beneficial reasons and your "increase in value".

It's never about price, but always about value.


Readiness for floor covering is guaranteed and not only promised. The same applies for the required quality grade.

Unique services

Site supervision and premium service as often as you like and at any location.

Predictable reduction in construction time

Guaranteed product properties are a guaranteed reduction in construction time. This means a reduced construction time of 4-8 weeks.

TÜV Rheinland (Testing and Research Laboratory of the Rhineland)

You benefit from our collaboration with TÜV Rheinland. Needless to say that processors/site managers and products are TÜV certified.

Approval measurement

For others impossible, for us it is second nature. RETANOL® screed includes approval for all parties involved as a standard item. In concrete terms: You will be exempted from liability in writing.


TÜV Rheinland has searched for defects and hasn't found any. RETANOL® screed is ecologically harmless and non-toxic.

Floor passport

PCT exclusively offers a documentation of the construction site with certification (bending tensile strength and compressive strength) and approval to give you the necessary calm and composure for the subsequent construction trades on your site.


We will visit you or you'll come to see us. Regardless of how it will be done, it's important that together we keep our knowledge up to date. Your employees will benefit from our expertise and will be prepared for increasing requirements.

Market and technological leader

To this day RETANOL® screed is considered a pioneer and serves as a standard for others. A high expertise and a strong bond with the trade screed will leave this status unchanged.

Proof of quality

Screed is grey and strong! But how strong? Rely on the certification in the floor passport and be certain.

Transparent verification method

RETANOL® screed or not? For the safety of all parties involved everybody can independently determine the dosage of RETANOL® in the screed with a simple procedure, in just minutes and on-site.

Time machine

Heating-up can be started from the first day after the screed installation. This saves you time and money – because you will finish on the 5th day and your flooring can be laid. Guaranteed!

10 years warranty

Sounds awesome, we know. We still do it. PCT assumes the warranty for 10 years on approved and monitored sites.

196 million sqm without one single complaint

Since the launch of the product our partners have laid more than 196,000,000 sqm of RETANOL® screed in their construction projects. RETANOL® screed works. Guaranteed!

Exemption from liability

More and more frequently planning and construction site management bear part of the liability if problems arise. A RETANOL® screed relieves you from this risk of litigation.

Walkable after 24 hours

The standard says 3 days and we offer 1 day! In this way you get more possibilities for a more flexible construction process. Within 24 hours after the installation a RETANOL® screed can already be walked on.

Loadable after 72 hours

You have to quickly continue working? No problem with RETANOL® screed! 3 days after installation there is no stopping for the planned construction progress.

629 RETANOL® specialist companies

Each day 629 specialist companies all over Germany, Austria and Switzerland work tirelessly to deliver an object which is also suitable for its intended use.

Virtually independent of climate

RETANOL® screed works even under unfavourable conditions and doesn't stop working just because the weather is bad.

High early strength

You want to reduce your customers' business interruptions to a minimum? Your own craftsmen don't have an alternative construction site? There are many reasons why the screed has to be used quickly but only one answer: Suitability for foot traffic of RETANOL® screed on the next day and loadability after 3 days say it all.

46,149 prism tests in 2021

Prisms are produced on site and in the laboratory they later provide information about the laid screed quality. This is important to be able to judge if the laid screed is in line with the planned use. If it is RETANOL® screed, everything works perfectly. No other laboratory we have come across checks more screeds than us!

15,531 CM measurements in 2021

15,531 CM measurements is un unprecedented number. But we needed so many of them to exempt you from the liability trap for your objects. If the floor layer makes the measurement, it's your responsibility. If we make the measurement, only we take responsibility.

4,779 approved construction sites in the year 2021 with 23.9 billion insurance sum

Each construction site which got our approval is covered for possible damages with EUR 5 million. This results in a theoretical total sum insured of approx. EUR 23.9 billion. Certainly, a product has to work to establish this confidence among insurances.

Readiness for floor covering exactly to the day

You determine right at the planning stage when the floor covering work should begin. With this in view the planning is laid out and RETANOL® screed is set up. Then automatically and without delay the approval will be granted exactly to the day.

Direct marketing

We produce and we sell. A direct distribution channel only to RETANOL® specialist companies offers highest quality, cuts costs and protects your rights when problems arise.

Good processability

RETANOL® screeds are outstanding to work with. No costs arise due to processing complications or a reduced daily output. More often than not the processability is even significantly better than with conventional screeds.

Consistent product quality

RETANOL® screeds are subject to strict monitoring guidelines in order to guarantee a consistently high product quality. The RETANOL® screeds of the 629 specialist companies are also regularly tested to avoid variation in quality.

Saving of costs

If you look at your calculation and calculate the cost of a one to two months construction period, from construction site fence to construction manager, then you will note that you save ready cash if RETANOL® screed is used. Now consider the possibility of an earlier rental or a speedier sale, in that case you optimise your revenue with RETANOL® screed. For further information, please contact your RETANOL® specialist company.


Fixed price guarantee and completion guarantee. These two terms cause discomfort if there is a lack of safety. Screed is the only trade which is unpredictable if not planned accordingly and which on the other hand gains a high level of safety if RETANOL® is used. Prefer the safe route.

Always up to date

A partnership with PCT-Chemie will enable you to always be at the cutting edge of technology. We like to directly pass on our knowledge and the latest market developments to our partners. Engaging in face-to-face meetings or during common activities.

Enthusiastic customers

By now, many of our partners, whether specialist company or customer can look back with pride to more than 1 million sqm of RETANOL® screed laid. These partners are enthusiastic because they have achieved this without any complaints. We will also inspire you.


Each construction project is different and there are always new challenges for the floor construction. By means of perfect planning each construction will be individually matched to your requirements. Standard doesn't work and forces us into dependencies. Others can be concerned with that but not you.

Ideal cost/performance ratio

RETANOL® screed offers so much more than it costs. Therefore, screed without RETANOL® is possible but doesn't make any sense at the end of the day.