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RETANOL® screed always works, can be precisely planned and is ready for covering spot-on.

RETANOL® screed is not only a product but rather a whole system where products, operating performances and services precisely fit together for the best result. RETANOL® screed begins in the planning phase and ends with the handover to the client – after the written, legally watertight screed approval for the floor layer. All parties involved in this process work error free and on a premium level hand in hand.

PCT services and benefits

Learn about our comprehensive services and benefits for reference and in detail. Find out more about the exclusive PCT screed guarantee and let us convince you that today nothing works without a construction site supervision and a permanent project inspection.

Construction site supervision & guarantee

Checking of public tenders and construction plans for optimisation potentials. Support and assistance with the preparation of service specifications.

8-14 days before work starts the construction site is inspected. Together with the building contractor, the architects or the site manager the plans are squared with the construction site. Deviations are documented and remaining tasks for the previous construction trades is determined.

Each delivery of cement and gravel is recorded. Samples are taken, measured on a computer and tested for conformity to the ordered quality.

Before the screed is installed, the construction site is inspected for a second time. All previous work is checked and assessed. The results are recorded.

During the screed installation prisms are taken every day for the documentation of the quality grade. The entire screed installation with all relevant work steps is documented and recorded.

With up to 85 specialist consultants, technicians, service engineers and experts for clearance measurement on duty we guarantee a perfect screed installation. Together, we invest approx. 13,500 working hours per month in approval measurements, services and consultation – and the numbers a rapidly growing. In 2021 WE have carried out 25,383 flexural load tests and 50,766 compressive strength tests. In addition to that approx. 2,309 grading curves and 15,531 CM measurements.

  • Grading-curve determination directly on site as well as in the laboratory with a camsizer
  • Performance test of the screed sand by determining the grain compressive strength
  • Quality inspection to determine the flexural tensile strength and the compressive strength.
    (also, as evidence of conformity with DIN EN 13813)
  • Confirmation tests on installed screed
  • CM measurements in the framework of the PCT approval or to demonstrate the drying process of a RETANOL® screed
  • Examination of the surface tensile strength of concrete and screeds
  • Wear resistance tests according to Böhme
  • Determination of the moisture content of various construction sites by means of oven dry methods

After the RETANOL® screed has been installed a correct ventilation of the construction site must be guaranteed. With underfloor heating a heating protocol is prepared. In contrast to conventional screed accelerators when RETANOL® screed is looked at with a scanning electron microscope and compared with screed without RETANOL® (untreated screed) already after 4 days something revolutionary can be detected.

The differences as regards number and shape of the hydration points are significantly better and ultimately result in a closed, clean surface without hollow spaces (voids). After 10 days the CSH phases will have completely developed and will be embedded in a closely meshed, strong bond.

Construction site supervision by PCT with a comprehensive service package – from project inspection / plausibility check to approval measurement and commissioning. This is how PCT provides these services for value for building contractors, architects, project managers and installers of the floor covering, to guarantee 100% certainty through an exemption from liability and to offer our customers 10 years of guarantee.

The approval record includes the grading curve analyses, CM measurements, verification of the compression and flexural strength as well as the final approval measurement. Surface covering can be started on the same day – guaranteed. Because PCT Chemie assumes complete liability for the screed work. That means in the unlikely event of damage, the liability will not be shifted between the parties involved, but there is only one point of contact: us, PCT. In order to guarantee 100% reliability of settlement, every building project is insured with the Württembergische Versicherung with up to EUR 5 million per claim. Claims? Since the introduction of RETANOL® in 2005 there has never been a single case of damage.

PCT guarantees readiness for the planned floor covering exactly to the day and the agreed quality grade (strength properties). In addition to that our warranty period amounts to ten hard-core years. This is industry-wide a unique quality feature. Each building project is insured with a coverage of up to EUR 5 million.

Architects, planners, screed layers and installers of the floor covering are exempted from any liability as regards residual humidity. The number of damage cases since the introduction of RETANOL® screed: nil.

Everything else is untreated screed.

Our service

  • Competent contact partner for all inquiries
  • Fast and accurate answers
  • Site supervision free of charge

How much do manufacturers of rapid screeds who do not grant such approvals or even guarantees have confidence in their own products?

These days fortunately a lot of special screeds are used, which produce more energy efficiency, can be harder than other screeds and are streamlined for a very precise drying.

Important to know:
These special screeds, for ex. cement and calcium sulfate-based screeds with accelerated drying and rapid cement screeds are always subject to the manufacturer's specifications.
What do rapid screeds have to do? They have to work reliably!
Manufacturer's specifications must be observed accurately.

But often this turns out to be quite different in practice. The stated W/C ratio, the mixing time, the correct grading curve, the accurate amount of cement per mixture as well as measures after the laying process are decisive. Therefore, legally the following applies:
1. he manufacturer's specification
2. the latest state of the art
3. the standard

During and after the screed installation various quality tests are carried out. Regarding the character of the source materials or as proof of required hard evidence.

Therefore, PCT performs CM measurements, pressure and flexural load tests as well as the determination of grading curves of test specimens and other tests free of charge. We are quite adamant on this point. This is the only way to get guaranteed quality. All test results are strictly documented in measurement protocols and inspection reports.

On request the test specimens are stored. Thus the quality proof is preserved in the long run.

The Technical Consultation at PCT supports architects, civil engineers and contracting authorities. Our service includes the entire examination and optimisation of general or object-related tender texts, the compilation of specifications and written set-up recommendations. The focus of the technical consultation lies on the demonstration of possible appplications in order to achieve maximum results with RETANOL® screed. Basically it is very simple.

  • PCT technicians perform site monitoring during the entire screed installation, including substructure
  • Examination of the requirements for the screed
  • Approval of the preliminary work, such as insulation, edge strips and examination of the expansion joints
  • Examination of prisms and material samples
  • Documentation of the screed quality, cement and aggregate
  • Documentation of compressive strength as well as flexural and adhesive pull strength
  • Assumption of guarantee for the desired workability
  • Flawless handover of the screed regarding workability and screed quality
  • Indemnification of any liability for the workability and verified quality for architect, building manager, screed layer and surface layer
  • Acceptance of any liability for the workability and verified quality with a deposited insurance according to the insurance certificate
  • Conformity declaration on request for a fee

The floor layer can assume no liability for the information of a special screed manufacturer, because he has neither produced the screed himself nor was he present during its preparation. Insofar it is simply impossible for the subsequent installer of the floor covering to assess the readiness for covering of the screed and of special screeds regarding for ex. residual humidity and other more complex reactions of the mixture in the screed. Besides it is important that between screed manufacturer and installer of the floor covering there is no contractual relationship from which a liability for extraneous data could be deduced. And before it gets too tedious: BEWARE!

The installer of the floor covering accepts liability for any damage which might occur later and can be attributed to the time when the screed was being laid!

A registration of reservations involves first of all a delay, that is los off money. Loss of money is always painful for the architect and building contractor because by selecting a rapid screed they originally wanted to save money and time.

What is missing?
An explicit and legally binding approval declaration with exemption from liability and acceptance of liability by the screed layer. Protection of the customer, individual quality assurance "first".

But who can issue this? The architect, the building contractor, the screed layer? Basically, the manufacturer of the special screed, i.e. the screed layer in co-operation with the manufacturer of drying accelerators and rapid bonding agents must be able to declare readiness for covering with a written approval with assumption of liability – obviously provided that the product has been processed in accordance with the guidelines.

weißer Raum mit Fenstern, lichtdurchflutet, Retanol Estrich

Welcome in the Technical School

Estrich, Baustelle, Technikum, Leistungen

PCT and the PCT community only introduce products on the market that have been extensively tested in our Technical School under the toughest and real conditions.

In our PCT Technical School a total of 2,750 square metres are at disposal to simulate practically every situation on the construction site. In the context of quality assurance screed surfaces are laid periodically to test and to confirm the high quality of the end product.

Only products that prove successful in the PCT Technical School are given the seal "marketable".

Estrich, Baustelle, Technikum, Leistungen

TÜV approved special expertise in the Technical School

The intensive training course will be held at PCT Chemie in Hemmingen on 4 days in the rooms of the Technical School. On the last day the participants take a theoretical and a practical exam. The Personnel Certification Body of TÜV-Rheinland (PersCert TÜV) holds this exam and, if successfully completed, makes you a RETANOL® specialist screed layer with TÜV-Rheinland approved qualification.

We, PCT, are happy to be able to offer you this competitive advantage, because on the market not only competence counts, but first and foremost the knowledge of "how".
Make the most of this opportunity to make yourself or/and your employees better and get a competitive edge with another unique selling point. We are looking forward to your application and would like to point out: In light of the high demand we must receive your registration at least 6 weeks before the training course.


Approval measurement

For others impossible, for us it is second nature. RETANOL® screed includes approval for all parties involved as a standard item. In concrete terms: You will be exempted from liability in writing.

Walkable after 24 hours

The standard says 3 days and we offer 1 day! In this way you get more possibilities for a more flexible construction process. Within 24 hours after the installation a RETANOL® screed can already be walked on.


Each construction project is different and there are always new challenges for the floor construction. By means of perfect planning each construction will be individually matched to your requirements. Standard doesn't work and forces us into dependencies. Others can be concerned with that but not you.